Confidential Forums for Presidents

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Confidential Forums for Presidents

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The Challenge

Higher education institutions and their leadership are frequently criticized for policies and practices seen as intolerant, discriminatory, inconsistent, or political. With increased pressure from donors, boards, students, politicians, and the public, many college presidents feel isolated in navigating the current climate. There are limited opportunities for them to communicate, empathize, and collaborate with fellow presidents. Fewer still are spaces to interact with leaders from diverse types of institutions and ideologies different from their own. Presidents seek engagement with peers on lessons learned and best practices in addressing campus issues and preparing students to be effective citizens.

College Presidents for Civic Preparedness Can Help

Confidential Forums offer a space for peer learning. In these confidential sessions, presidents openly discuss challenges, share insights, and engage with each other and outside experts on urgent topics such as student voter engagement, managing campus protests, faculty social media policies, or navigating presidential election cycles. The meeting style is heavily participatory and focused on actions and outcomes that shape the direction of higher education. Campus leaders are empowered to champion civic preparedness across curriculum and campus life and work together in establishing new advocacy opportunities for the field.

About Confidential Forums for Presidents
About Confidential Forums for Presidents


  • A supportive community to exchange ideas, best practices and coordinate efforts
  • Candid, off-the-record meetings that are not recorded
  • Each conversation is capped to ensure robust discussion
  • Presidents will receive practice and policy recommendations even if they are unable to attend
  • Applicable outcomes will help shape higher ed-wide advocacy communications
College presidents receive complimentary access to a monthly Curated Resources email with top research, news, ideas, case studies and best practices around free expression, critical inquiry and civic preparedness in higher ed

    This is one of the benefits of being a part of the Citizens & Scholars presidential group–we learned so much from one another and are able to exchange ideas.

    Lori S. White

    President of DePauw

    Deepen your engagement with faculty, student, and peer learning initiatives.

    In addition to General Membership benefits, there are optional fee-based products and services for those who need support in bringing the Civic Commitments to life.