Virtual Student Module

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Virtual Student Module

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The Challenge

In an increasingly polarized society, many students on a college campus are encountering diversity for the first time on a tangible, personal, daily basis. It’s a critical time when they need to develop the skills, habits, practices, and norms to live in a multicultural and interconnected democracy. However, amidst these opportunities for civic preparation, students are struggling with mental health challenges, lack civic knowledge and skills, and are afraid to share their viewpoints.

College Presidents for Civic Preparedness Can Help

Crafted by experts in constructive dialogue and bridge building, the Virtual Student Module is currently under development. This tech-driven program will impart civic preparation skills, encompassing free expression norms, critical thinking, and collaborative problem-solving. The module is designed to empower students, ensuring they are equipped to engage in dialogue across differences. It prepares them to not only join but also influence a campus community that values free expression, critical inquiry, and civil discourse.

    Our campuses should be communities that make room for both true disagreement and true connection—communities that practice the kind of recognition and robust negotiation that the everyday life of democracy requires, and places that explicitly prepare our students to work for the greater good.

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    Michael Elliott

    Amherst College

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