May 30, 2024

Universities Must Renew Their Commitment to Democracy

Photo of Raj Vinnakota
Rajiv Vinnakota
Institute for Citizens & Scholars

Institute for Citizens & Scholars president Raj Vinnakota writes an op-ed for the Fulcrum that underscores the important work of College Presidents for Civic Preparedness and the Civic Commitments they champion on their campus. This bold, fresh approach nurtures civic readiness, embraces diversity, and fosters free expression in higher education.

Universities serve not only as bastions of learning but also a bedrock for democracy itself. Yet, recent events have exposed cracks in this foundation, demanding an urgent need for universities to reaffirm their commitment to fortify civic culture, equip students for effective citizenship, and pursue knowledge for the common good. Only then can we navigate away from divisive partisanship, exhausting culture wars, and the crisis of authority that plagues university life.

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